Aaron Allison, RLH Corporation

Aaron Allison, membership development coordinator, RLH Corporation, Coral Springs, Fla.

As the member development coordinator at Red Lion Hotels Corporation, Allison works to ensure a “smooth and seamless experience” for all clients seeking membership in one of Red Lion’s brands. He also helps to coordinate all development initiatives nationwide, including market research and analysis, management of the company’s franchise approval committee process, and implementation of brand- and company-wide initiatives.

What is the most pressing challenge you’ve faced on the job in the last year? How did you resolve it? 

Through technology and recent innovations, the hospitality industry has been experiencing monumental shifts in the ways guests decide where they will book and how they will make that booking. Hotel owners have had to react quickly to these changes to stay relevant and profitable. This has presented a strong challenge to franchise development teams in proving to the small business owner that he/she still needs a national brand and robust loyalty program in a time when independent hotels have been empowered by shifts in the guest booking path. During the last year, I have strived to inform hotel owners of the technology and disruptive innovations that RLH Corporation has brought to the guest experience, providing value to our clients in ways that independent hotels simply don’t have the resources to accomplish on their own.

Aaron Allison, RLH Corporation

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