Alexandra Jaritz, Hilton

Alexandra Jaritz, Global Head, Tru by Hilton

As a brand strategist and marketing expert, Alexandra Jaritz is driving the development of Hilton’s new Tru brand—but she doesn’t like to call herself an influencer. “Influence sounds like a singular action,” she said. Instead, she listens, guides and inspires colleagues, team members, franchise owners and external agency partners. “I like to say we make each other better,” she said. “By first listening to their perspectives, I have a solid foundation to make decisions, and ultimately they’re more vested in the outcomes. This allows me—and all of us—to continue to disrupt the midscale segment in meaningful ways. Is this influence? Sure. But it’s born of so much more.” Jaritz encourages the next generation of leaders to find a strong work-life balance. “I haven’t always been good at this, but I am getting much, much better now thanks to my 6-year-old daughter,” she said. “I have learned how to prioritize, what to prioritize and what to let go. The healthier I am with this better balance, the more productive I am at work. The more fun I have in life, the stronger mind I have day-to-day. I wish those starting out in the industry today understood that this balance fuels both your creative and analytical sides. Words like joy and love are not just fluff words; they are critical to work into your daily life in meaningful ways.”

Alexandra Jaritz, Hilton

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