Amy Jakubowski, Wilson Associates

Amy Jakubowski, Managing Director, Design Director, Wilson Associates

To influence her team at Wilson Associates, Amy Jakubowski does everything, including taking out the garbage. “I try to mentor, teach and inspire,” she said. “I proactively approach every challenge with a positive attitude.” True influence goes beyond completing a successful project, but can be found in the moments when an individual challenges her client or her company to get successful results. “When your client can embrace a new idea, it’s exciting,” she said. “As designers, we should always challenge and guide. We’re not just guiding to be trendy, but guiding away from matching the next trend. Everyone is chasing after the next Moxy, but you want to be ahead of that. Be the innovator.” To that end, Jakubowski tries to stay on top of “everything” and asks lots of questions. “What is the new thing? How does it apply here—or does it even apply here? We have to question ourselves when we look at new ideas. Am I being trendy and cute? Am I solving the problem for this hotel and client? Is this the right material and application for this project? We have to look at it from big to micro.” Asking these kinds of questions is vital for success, Jakubowski believes. “There are no stupid questions, and the more you learn, the better you will be,” she said. “I drove people insane with my questions, but you learn from it. We have a lot to learn and we want to share and pass it along.”

Amy Jakubowski, Wilson Associates

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