Andrea Foster, Marcus Hotels & Resorts

Andrea Foster, SVP of Development, Marcus Hotels & Resorts

As a 20-year hospitality veteran, Andrea Foster is responsible for marketing Marcus Hotels & Resorts’ management capabilities and identifying and securing potential acquisition, joint-venture and third-party management opportunities for the company. “First and foremost, I create advocates,” Foster said. To do that, she collects information from her colleagues, and, in turn, provides information, rationale and background on any given project to the company. “As I do that, I communicate my passion for initiatives,” she said. “It translates and resonates.” Engagement, Foster believes, is the best metric of influence. “Engagement is demonstrated when others lean into an idea or opportunity,” she said. “It could be your colleagues or your partners. When they lean in, you know your influence is successful and that it is resonating.” Success, then, can be measured by everyone on the team winning. “I’m inspired by that win,” she said. “I’m inspired to serve others. Life is service.” But success in hospitality isn’t all about teamwork, and women need self-confidence to succeed. “Don’t be afraid to try new things, to be courageous, to never be afraid to fail, to pursue opportunities despite uncertainty, to trust your instincts,” Foster said. “This approach, the idea of not being afraid, has served me well. I wish I had embraced it earlier.” Setting an example for others—or walking the talk, as she describes it—is also vital. “As I am influencing others, I am setting the example I want to see,” she said.

Andrea Foster, Marcus Hotels & Resorts

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