Dorothy Dowling, Best Western

Dorothy Dowling, Chief Marketing Officer, Best Western Hotels & Resorts

As the person responsible for delivering the voice of a hotel brand to guests, Dorothy Dowling said she has to stay on top of emerging trends, technologies and the interests of the general public to keep hotels current. She makes use of modern technology in her daily life to have a better understanding of what it is guests are using at home—such as Alexa, Google Home and Xbox—to paint a picture of how these comforts can be put to use on the road. “A successful leader recognizes the importance of being able to influence individuals and understands that persuasive selling is part of all of our jobs,” Dowling said. “Influencing also means helping our hoteliers understand the changes taking place in our industry and the impact they have on our brand, both in the long and short term.” Dowling refers to relationships as the “currency of life,” a philosophy that has served her well during her tenure in hospitality, and one she uses to find inspiration daily. “Relationships sustain you, fuel you and balance you. Invest in them as they will define your career and help you constantly evolve your thinking,” she said. If she had any advice for the next generation of hoteliers, she would tell them to become a student of the hospitality “game,” and immerse themselves in its lessons. “People with a high curiosity quotient have hungry minds and are highly inquisitive, open to new experiences and are agile,” she said. “These are the people that will always rise to the top.”

Dorothy Dowling, Best Western

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