Gabby Gordon, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust

Gabby Gordon, director, finance, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, Bethesda, Md.

As director of finance for Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, Gordon works with the company’s CFO, CIO and CEO to oversee and run the earnings model for the publicly traded company. This model entails management of all financial results, forecasted projections, expense estimates and earnings estimates from research analysts. “I discuss updates and corporate strategy revisions daily with our CFO, as I assist him with managing the model as well as maintaining relationships across our company. I pull together results and analytics from our accounting, asset management and investment teams in order to shape a realistic outlook for our company to provide to investors.”

Tell us about your experience in hospitality before now, and what made you choose hospitality as a career? 

My pre-college experiences shared one commonality—the satisfaction I drew from service. My work in day camps, childhood memories of setting up ice cream sundae bars for friends and making breakfast in bed for my parents all led me here. While my parents didn’t always appreciate the large chunks of cantaloupe I put on the rims of their water glasses out of my 5-year-old’s sense of what was “fancy,” they encouraged this hospitable sense of service. My strong mathematical skills and my summer’s experience in hotel operations led me to the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. Cornell’s well-rounded business programs opened my eyes to the broader vistas of the hospitality industry beyond simply operations. I chose a career in hospitality so that I could continue to explore the service side of business, and it continues to be a gratifying and productive decision.

Gabby Gordon, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust

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