Gail Mandel, Wyndham Destination Network

Gail Mandel, President & CEO, Wyndham Destination Network

Gail Mandel is the first woman CEO ever at a Wyndham Worldwide company, a distinction she doesn’t boast about, but one, nonetheless, she is rightfully proud of. “I do recognize my role as a role model for others within the organization, but I’ve always been one to not focus on the female side of my career. The principles that I apply go across gender,” Mandel said. As the leader of one of the world’s largest providers of vacation accommodations, Mandel said she is guided by five principals, with number-one on the list most distinctive: kill them with competence. “Oftentimes, women feel intimidated when they walk into a room and they’re the only woman. By being able to have all the facts straight, that’s critical, and that’s how I think,” she said. Other attributes are exuding confidence, being a good listener, being authentic and emulating great leaders (she cited Wyndham Worldwide CEO Stephen Holmes as one leader she admires and has had great impact on her career). In regard to influence, MandeI said she measures impact by efficacy and achievement of results, citing organic growth of 200 basis points since she assumed her role three years ago. For those coming up, Mandel’s advice is rooted in practicality and bluntness. “If you’re determined, have the skills and follow some of those principles I outlined, you can be successful, but there’s not one formula that works for everybody,” she said. “I make choices about my work-life balance, and what works for me and for my family may not work for the next person.”

Gail Mandel, Wyndham Destination Network

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