Jagruti Panwala, AAHOA

Jagruti Panwala, Treasurer, Asian American Hotel Owners Association

“Always be prepared.” It’s good advice no matter what it is you are doing, but as treasurer of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, Jagruti Panwala must be prepared every day as she exerts influence within a group that holds sway over a large swath of the hospitality industry. “No matter what, doing your homework beforehand so that you’re knowledgeable going in is always a good thing. I may not know everything about everything, but I like to be prepared when I meet with others or when I’m presenting.” Before you can influence, Panwala said, first you must listen. AAHOA has more than 16,000 members, and the needs of these members are diverse and can change from day to day. “I also seek to cultivate strong relationships with the people who work with and for me, industry professionals who are smarter and more knowledgeable than I am and the people who I work for—the consumers.” This is important to Panwala because AAHOA as an organization wields a significant measure of influence within hospitality at large, and Panwala’s role with the group has helped expand AAHOA’s reach and audience, particularly among women hoteliers. “The people I help every day to achieve their personal goals motivate me to do well,” Panwala said. “I also want to be a good role model for my children and the young professionals in the hospitality industry. They are my biggest inspiration.”

Jagruti Panwala, AAHOA

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