Joseph Heck, HHM

Joseph Heck, director of people support, HHM, Philadelphia

In his role as director of people support (otherwise known as HR), Joe Heck leads projects that impact all 5,200 associates at HHM. He also works directly with HHM CEO Naveen Kakarla on company strategy and initiatives, including the creation and roll-out of a new internal company website highlighting news and notable announcements, and now producing a video for associates, guests, and perspective investors. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 20 years? How are you working today to develop your career for your next positions?

According to nominator Neelay Mehta, executive director of human resources at Hersha Hospitality, Heck wants to pursue a long-term goal of higher education. His focus for at least the next five years is to continue to absorb hospitality HR knowledge working in the industry, but after that, he plans to pursue a master’s degree in hospitality and serve as a teaching assistant along the way. He would then like to focus on research and ultimately begin educating the next generation of hospitality leaders at the collegiate level. Heck’s work today casts such a wide net of hospitality human resources that each day he is gathering lecture topics and real-world examples in his head to eventually share with students. He knows moving to education will challenge him with new obstacles and hurdles that he cannot wait to face head-on.

Joseph Heck, HHM

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