Kate Henriksen, RLJ Lodging Trust

Kate Henriksen, SVP of Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, RLJ Lodging Trust

In the hospitality industry, a thoughtful mentor goes a long way to a mentee’s success. Kate Henriksen was lucky enough to have two important mentors, both women, whom she points to as helping her along her way. Fifteen years now with real estate investment trust RLJ, and you can see their impact. She points to one, Anne Lloyd-Jones, whom Henriksen worked with at HVS. “I have been fortunate to work for companies and leaders that support professional women and their development,” Henriksen said. “When I was at HVS, many of the different offices were led by women.” Still, Henriksen said there is room in the hospitality industry for more women in leadership positions. “The floodgates haven’t opened, but the pipeline looks better,” she said. “There are a number of smart women coming up the ranks.” Henriksen is one. She plays a pivotal role in RLJ’s acquisition and divestment strategies and currently plays a part in RLJ’s merger with FelCor Lodging Trust. “My voice is heard,” she said. Sometimes, however, she has to speak louder, she said, in a business where men still have sway. “In order for my voice to be heard, I have to be more prepared and think three steps ahead,” Henriksen said. “There’s a need to show yourself and be firm because there are times when people might look to the male standing next to you, even if you are the one with the idea or responsibility.”

Kate Henriksen, RLJ Lodging Trust

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