Katherine Kies, PM Hotel Group

Katherine Kies, corporate director of food & beverage, PM Hotel Group, Washington, D.C.

As the corporate director of Food & Beverage for the Pollin Miller Hotel Group, Kies oversees the F&B strategy, structure and performance of the 30+ hotels in the company’s operating portfolio as well as the additional 12 hotels that are under development. This includes everything from collaborating with designers on the programming and “concepting” of the operation, to opening the outlets, to ensuring a successful operation moving forward.   

Global hotel companies are focusing very much on attracting travelers from your generation. If you could tell the industry, “Hey! This is what we really want in a hotel stay,” what would you say?

There are many broad stereotypes that really do not describe me or the majority of people I know. I have a group of peers that are highly dedicated to their careers and are very ambitious. Yet, our generation is consistently flagged as the generation that does not want to work. This is also the same group that has discretionary income and is traveling frequently for work and pleasure! With that said, there are four key things I look for in a hotel: 1) Convenient location to explore and experience the neighborhood; 2) Unique design that provides an authentic feel (with a good bed); 3) Good connectivity to Wi-Fi and to charge devices; 4) Value-centric rate to leave me money for dining and activities.

Katherine Kies, PM Hotel Group

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