Kathleen Chiechi Flores, Trump Hotels

Kathleen Chiechi Flores, EVP of New Brands and Innovation, Trump Hotels

Earlier this year, Kathleen Chiechi Flores became the senior-most woman executive at Trump Hotels, where she serves as EVP of new brands and innovation. Previously, she has held positions in strategy, performance management, human resources and global communications. “In our industry, more than most, I do think it is easier to influence [others],” Flores said. “We unfortunately have seen a lot of ‘me-too’ initiatives—we tend to follow each other often rather than working to evolve a great concept. I like the idea of putting out great industry-leading initiatives and having others leverage that work to push our industry further in such a way that both the experience for hotel owners and consumers gets better and better every time. I strive to create an environment that not only rewards innovation, creativity and a strong work ethic, but also provides the team with the autonomy and the space to make great things happen,” she said. “In providing a good example, and designing a work environment that allows associates to thrive, I am able to help set the stage for the creation and delivery of incredible work that hopefully drives not only our company but that also positively influences our industry.” It is not surprising, then, that Flores’ advice for the next generation of hoteliers is simple. “Innovate. Work with people that think differently, work differently. Take inspiration from other businesses, big and small, and strive to create something special.” 

Kathleen Chiechi Flores, Trump Hotels

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