Krissy Gathright, Apple Hospitality REIT

Krissy Gathright, EVP & COO, Apple Hospitality REIT

For Krissy Gathright, influence is measured through demand and impact. “Influential individuals are those whose participation is in demand as their involvement is more likely to lead to a successful outcome,” she said. Having that successful outcome is what pushes her to do her best. “I am very passionate about driving innovation and using a team approach to find the most efficient and effective ways to create value,” she said. “I try to lead by example and am not afraid to dig into the details to uncover opportunities and to gain and share knowledge to maximize impact.” Gathright would love to see more women in leadership positions in the hospitality industry because she feels strongly that the sector would benefit as a result. “Considering that women play a very significant role in travel choice and experience, it only makes sense to me that the industry would be better served by having more women in senior leadership positions whose input can help improve the collective customer experience,” she said. Her advice for women seeking leadership roles starts with seeking greater knowledge, which often involves getting into the details. “Find a way to focus those learnings in an area you feel you can make an impact, especially where you have identified a need that has not been met. Challenge yourself to share your knowledge with those around you even in a public setting, which can at times be daunting.”

Krissy Gathright, Apple Hospitality REIT

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