Laura Herzog, Wynn Design & Development

Laura Herzog, VP of Purchasing, Wynn Design & Development

Laura Herzog has held her position at Wynn for 11 years, and stays focused on her influence at the company. “I feel strongly that it is not always what we do, but how we do it that makes the greatest impression,” she said. “As a leader, you need to set an example and treat those around you with respect. From my own team to other departments within the company to outside vendors or manufacturers, I make every effort to value and fully understand all of their contributions and then coordinate the strengths of each to end at the best result.” Herzog said that in purchasing and project management, she has a measurable financial influence on the company daily. “From an industry standpoint, reputation and relationships are assets that are critically important. Expertise, rational approach and integrity are part of a foundation that continues to build and develop,” she said. “I measure the concept of personal influence by the company I keep, by how I contribute to the success of those around me, and by intending to leave every situation better than I found it.” While the path to leadership hasn’t always been smooth, Herzog appreciates the challenges she has overcome. “Every bump in the road, every travesty, every challenge creates your path in life,” she said. “In fact, I would argue that the challenges and hard lessons learned are even more influential than the successes in many cases. I have made mistakes, but I can’t say that I regret them as they have all contributed to where I am right now.”

Laura Herzog, Wynn Design & Development

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