Mary Beth Cutshall, HVMG

Mary Beth Cutshall, SVP & Chief Business Development Officer, HVMG

In many respects, leadership is about thinking ahead and connecting the dots that lead a company to success—dots that aren’t always readily apparent. Mary Beth Cutshall has been hard at work in hospitality for more than 28 years, and she prides herself on being able to take creative ideas from her team and chart a path to completion. “I measure influence by someone’s ability to help the industry shift and evolve,” Cutshall said. “It also involves being a spokesperson for where that evolution is moving toward, where exactly it is evolving and being able to see and measure that shift.” Cutshall joined HVMG in 2011 as VP of acquisitions and business development, and she said she never would have gotten to where she is today if she hadn’t followed her intuition. “It was always there, and there were times I doubted it,” she said. “Looking back, I would have listened to my intuition more—and I wouldn’t have worn high heels as much as I did when I was younger! Twelve-hour days at conferences in high heels would eventually catch up to me!” Above everything, Cutshall is inspired by her two children, Bella and Dominic, and strives to be a role model for them. “There are other folks ahead on the path who are able to make things happen, and I draw energy from them, but being a role model for my kids and doing the best for them is my inspiration,” she said

Mary Beth Cutshall, HVMG

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