Saajan B. Patel, Mirage Hospitality

Saajan B. Patel, VP, operations, Mirage Hospitality, Houston

Last year, Saajan Patel and his best friend Miraj Patel teamed up and formed Mirage Hospitality, where Saajan is now VP of operations. “I currently oversee and manage the daily operations of Mirage’s portfolio of hotels, while directing and coordinating operations in support of the company’s growth.”

Tell us about your experience in hospitality before now, and what made you choose hospitality as a career?

My parents bought their first property in 1988, and we used to live onsite until 2001. With my father guiding me, I used to help him out around the property and gained valuable experience and lessons from him, from cleaning rooms, checking in and out guests to doing property maintenance. When I was about 16 years old, my father gave me the role of VP of operations and placed full confidence in me to run the property. I then came to realize that my work ethic and passion lay in the hospitality industry. In September of 2015, I obtained my Certified Hotel Owner certification, and my Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics in November of 2016. I am currently the VP, operations at Mirage Hospitality, a Houston-based management and development company. In 2016, I, along with my best friend Miraj Patel, formed Mirage Hospitality.

Saajan B. Patel, Mirage Hospitality

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