Sommer Shiver, Hotel Equities

Sommer Shiver, corporate communications & marketing manager, Hotel Equities, Atlanta

As the corporate communications and marketing manager for Hotel Equities—an Atlanta-based management, development and consulting firm with a portfolio of more than 100 hotels—Shiver works with a team to develop and oversee implementation of the firm’s marketing and communications strategy. “To do my job well, I consider all communications, internal and external, as an opportunity to educate, influence and inspire my audiences,” she said. “Effective internal communication leads to retention of valuable associates through engagement.”

What is the biggest concern or threat facing the success of the global hotel industry, and how would you propose addressing it?

Airbnb is an immediate threat to the hotel industry. Technology has educated consumers to compare costs across all channels and Airbnb is a competitive channel. How do I propose addressing it? Embrace it. Competition makes us better. As fast as Airbnb has taken off, hotels continue to be the first choice for business travelers for several reasons: business travelers appreciate consistency in amenities and service and, the big one, safety concerns. Like it or not, this threat is not going away anytime soon. We must stay alert by monitoring the ever-changing dynamics of the new phenomenon, embrace change and create strategies to deal with it. Stay nimble, evolve and adapt to meet the needs of your consumers. It’s tough to be all things to all people, but please try.

Sommer Shiver, Hotel Equities

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