Tricia Wieser, Marriott

Tricia Wieser, restaurant manager, Marriott Los Angeles Airport

As restaurant manager at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, Wieser oversees six food & beverage operations at the property. “We are in a unique time right now at the LAX Marriott, as we are in the midst of a $40+ million renovation,” she said. “With one less outlet open, a good portion of my focus, along with the rest of my team’s focus, has been on creating new and exciting food & beverage offering in the interim and for when we reopen our new bar. I have been involved in the planning and design of all of the new restaurants.”

Global hotel companies are focusing very much on attracting travelers from your generation. If you could tell the industry, “Hey! This is what we really want in a hotel stay,” what would you say?

Most often when I talk to my friends and coworkers about my travels, it all surrounds food-and-beverage. There is such a connection between people when they share a meal or a drink, and it gets carried over when that person shares that experience with someone else. If the hotel offers some sort of unique experience, even just one dish on a menu, it makes it that much more enticing. From a room standpoint, I like rooms that are on the minimalistic side; the fewer big pieces of furniture the better, and there have to be charging ports by the bed (and everywhere around the hotel). How else am I supposed to share photos with my friends about the cool room and experience if I can’t charge my phone?

Tricia Wieser, Marriott

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