5 Ways Outsourcing Makes Cents

Jani King

As hoteliers, do you expect the "white glove test" from guests every time they enter your property? Whether they are staying at a hotel for business or leisure, customers bring more than just luggage and smart phones. They carry exceedingly high expectations for cleanliness – and not just for the guest room but in every inch and every corner of every space throughout the building and grounds. Expect the scrutiny.

Achieving excellence with the cleanliness level of a property should be within the top priorities for all hotel management and staff, regardless of hotel size, brand or location.

  • Cleanliness is one of the leading factors guests consider when researching and booking a stay (and often based on online reviews or past experience) so delivering on this is crucial.
  • Cleanliness builds strong customer loyalty and positive word of mouth – and hopefully that praise is shared via the influential platform of social media.
  • Cleanliness drives repeat business. The goal is simple – decrease vacancies and boost profitability.

With cleanliness being a significant route to success in the hotel space, it's imperative for hoteliers to examine various options to ensure their housekeeping department operates at the highest possible standards without straining budgets. Enter the assistance of an outsourcing agency specializing in commercial cleaning services. Here are five reasons why liaising with an outsourcing partner "makes cents" and sense.


#1 Specialized Training Leads to Triumph

Training to enhance performance so that the housekeeping staff can execute their jobs efficiently and effectively is essential. An impeccable cleaning process is multi-faceted so align with housekeeping experts who possess a fierce commitment to excellence and are extremely skilled in instructing a team in how to implement safe and hygienic cleaning practices as well as provide personalized service to guests. Outsourcing the training to a specialty commercial cleaning company such as Jani-King provides a cost-effective way to triumph with housekeeping education and procedures.

Beyond the cleaning techniques, proper housekeeping training encourages the mindset of being meticulous, and weaves its way through the entire guest experience on-property. Ensure housekeeping staff understands the key role they play in a hotel's profitability by providing clean spaces for valued guests to conduct their business and leisure activities. Money spent on training is an investment in the employees themselves and the sustainability of the hotel against the competition.


#2 Bolster Your Housekeeping Team as Needed

Recruiting employees and training them properly takes time and money. A housekeeping outsourcing agency can swiftly provide hotels with qualified individuals who've been trained to supreme standards so hotels can focus on other departments, such as guest services, which is traditionally more customer-facing.

Utilizing an outsourcing company to bring in personnel doesn't dilute a hotel brand promise since these agencies typically integrate property-specific standards into the training process. The essence of the property isn't compromised, and the outcome is an elevated guest experience.

Complete housekeeping solutions for hotels can be customized based on individual needs and in the high-level service areas that make the most sense, such as laundry, guest rooms, fitness centers and food and beverage (kitchens/bars/restaurants). Supplemental staff can also be provided during peak times to ensure a smoothly functioning "clean machine."


#3 Reduce Workman's Comp Claims

jkcautionIn a hotel, housekeeping generally has the most workman's compensation claims because it is often the largest department and very physically demanding. Back and neck injuries, respiratory issues, and slips or falls are the short-list of potential employee on-the-job situations in a world where insurance rates continue to steeply rise.

Connecting with an outsourcing agency for all or a portion of housekeeping services reduces the number of claims and loss of work a hotel incurs because that agency takes over the responsibility of many workman's compensation issues. And, a hotel becomes stronger operationally thanks to the smart, strategic partnership with a commercial cleaning company it has cultivated over time.

With an eye toward boosting employee safety and decreasing the overall number of workman's compensation claims, hotels and outsourcing companies act together to ensure staff are properly trained in how to safely execute their job role (including ergonomic principles about lifting and bending) as well as pay careful attention to the number of guest rooms housekeeping cleans per day.


#4 Cut ACA Costs but Not Sacrifice Qualityjkaca

Implementing the roll-out of acceptable health insurance as mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which passed several years ago, has posed financial challenges for the hospitality industry, particularly for smaller hotels with limited budgets.

Consider this – housekeeping employees comprise nearly two-thirds of the hotel staff roster. Therefore, uniting with a sub-contractor for housekeeping services means hotels can reduce the benefits they are required to carry under the ACA.

Partnering with a leader in the commercial cleaning space means hotels are able to cut labor costs without sacrificing the all-crucial element of cleanliness for their hotel guests. Plus, the outsourcing affiliate also becomes responsible for accurate compliance regarding the tracking of work hours and avoiding tax penalties.


#5 Franchises Have Your Back

When it comes to financial-savings measures put into action, there is sometimes a concern about diminished excellence, but hoteliers can confidently add a housekeeping outsourcing company to the mix without worry about reduced quality.

These franchise owners and operators recognize – and appreciate – that hoteliers rely on them for performing cleaning services, utilizing housekeeping staff either temporarily or long-term, and training employees.

A commercial cleaning services entity such as Jani-King provides exceptional support to their franchises from the regional office and corporate hospitality division so that they can provide unrivaled service on-property. Franchises have a vested interest in ensuring that all services run seamlessly in order to safeguard the relationships they've developed with current hoteliers, and ultimately to grow their business.  

The importance of cleanliness is one issue likely never to sway by the wayside for guests, so uniting with the right housekeeping outsourcing partner to elevate the process at a hotel is crucial. Hotels that establish a smart strategy for improving their housekeeping operation – while reducing costs and bolstering excellence – can minimize their worries when guests bring the white glove, the black light or any other way of assessing cleanliness across an entire property. Instead, hoteliers can worry about something else.

Jani-King is the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise company with more than 120 support offices in 14 countries. As a leader in the hotel and resort housekeeping industry, Jani-King has specific programs that are customized to your property needs. From supplemental staff during peak seasons to a complete, turn-key housekeeping solution, Jani-King’s program improves guest satisfaction scores and delivers the results you expect.  

Headquartered in Addison, Texas, Jani-King is consistently recognized as a global leader in commercial cleaning franchising. It’s through our global network of over 9,000 franchisees that a superior commercial cleaning experience is provided to a wide range of customer types including office buildings, hospitals, hotels, sporting venues, universities, restaurants, manufacturing facilities and more.

This article is brought to you by Jani-King, and was produced in partnership with Hotel Management’s sales team. Hotel Management’s editorial team played no part in developing the article.