Advanced HVAC Power in Small Packages - Key Benefits of Inverter Technology


As we know with today’s smartphones, tablets and other electronics, small devices are tremendously powerful. And, thanks to advanced technology, this same principle – of immense functionality incorporated into smaller-sized machines – applies to heating and cooling equipment that is revolutionizing the hotel industry.

Inverter technology, which continuously regulates temperature, was once reserved for cumbersome (and sometimes unsightly) building HVAC rooftop units, but forward-thinking manufacturers have integrated the technology into closet-installed and smaller packaged units. Now, hotels of any size in any location – whether before breaking ground or for an existing property – can reap the key benefits of this game-changing technology.  

Raise Guest Satisfaction With Optimum In-Room Comfort
Some like it hot, some like it cold, and others keep fluctuating when it comes to optimum in-room temperature. However warm or cool a guest prefers their accommodations, inverter technology gives them the opportunity to easily personalize their comfort level (and change it as necessary). That translates into an elevated guest experience and enhanced loyalty.

Inverter technology allows HVAC equipment to provide variable speed capacity capabilities that boost guest comfort by adjusting the BTUs and matching how warm or cool a consumer wants the space. Think of a light switch – a single-speed standard compressor makes the light simply go on and off, but an inverter variable speed compressor operates like a dimmer, where the user has the flexibility to set the light at various shades depending on individual preference. The results are continuous optimized comfort, dramatically reduced temperature swings, and improved in-room humidity levels. Add this to quieter start-up and operation, plus robust installation to minimize sound, and inverter technology helps promote good sleep, a precious commodity for both business and leisure travelers.

Thanks to inverter technology, Friedrich’s VRP (variable refrigerant packaged) closet-installed unit provides super-efficient heating and cooling, conditioned fresh air, true humidity control, and optional hot gas re-heating, so accommodations become a restful sanctuary for travelers. The VRP’s single-packaged simplicity also solves more design problems than other complex systems without sacrificing performance. 

Efficiency Delivers Huge Rewards
Product efficiency is fundamental to streamlining operations and managing a successful hotel, so when HVAC technology positively impacts energy consumption, there’s an added bonus to the bottom line.  

Since inverter variable speed compressor technology matches the unit output to the actual demand of the room, less energy is consumed without sacrificing guest comfort. Variable capacity is reduced after the set temperature is quickly reached, creating a more efficient operation that delivers maximum energy savings while keeping the space comfortable and the guest satisfied. Boosted efficiency yields significant financial savings that can be applied to other aspects of property operations and enhancing the guest experience.

Make new hotel construction energy-efficient from the start by installing an HVAC system that utilizes inverter technology instead of fitting properties with cumbersome rooftop units. Existing hotels can also take advantage of HVAC equipment with inverter technology without an extensive overhaul of their current system. To keep costs down, rooftop central systems can be decentralized with a PTAC option to service common areas. The ROI from energy savings by replacing units in an existing hotel is near-immediate, and then more money is saved over time. 

Space-Saving Without Compromise
Size matters with HVAC equipment. Fortunately, downsizing delivers huge rewards without compromising a cooling/heating system’s sophistication and power. 

The advantages of inverter technology have moved from large cumbersome VRF rooftop and ductless systems to the guest room, where tremendous capabilities are now consolidated into one packaged unit that can actually replace numerous cooling/heating units. For example, if three different rooms need three different BTU outputs, inverter compressor variable speed technology allows one unit the operating range to meet the requirements of any of the three rooms. Friedrich’s FreshAire PTAC solution is akin to getting multiple PTACs in one unit that leverages its variable speed capacity to do the job of multiple machines.

Using smaller-sized packaged units is a bonus when there is a problem with an HVAC machine. If one unit is taken out of operation, a hotel loses one or just a few rooms; losing a rooftop system means a hotel must shut down more rooms and services, ultimately diminishing operating ability. 

Inverter compressor variable speed technology is shaping smarter HVAC hospitality solutions by raising guest satisfaction, boosting financial rewards with more effective energy consumption, and downsizing cumbersome equipment without sacrificing performance. Keep it warm, keep it cool, or something in between – just keep HVAC systems optimized to deliver the best ROI for the health and wealth of a hotel.

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.