Building a Future-ready Hotel Network

(Building a Future-ready Hotel Network)

Technology is not only revolutionizing the way hoteliers serve guests, but the way they sufficiently manage a property. While reliable networks have been the backbone of hotel advances for some time, they will become even more essential to all properties as we begin the long road to recovery. With the increase in devices now required to maintain guest and staff safety, the importance for building a strong, sustainable network foundation has grown exponentially.

By making appropriate investments in network infrastructure, hoteliers can effectively make the transition from high-touch to high-tech engagement strategies — while maintaining personalized experiences for guests.

To determine the efficiency of your network, ask these three questions:

  1. Are network maintenance issues forcing your hotel to be reactive rather than proactive?
    If your IT staff spends the majority of its time dealing with day-to-day operations and maintenance, it has little time left to focus on the kind of long-term network planning that is essential to drive innovation and competitive differentiation. By offloading day-to day network duties to an experienced provider, you’re able to free up your staff to work on more strategic initiatives, like implementing technologies that enable contactless guest engagement or efficient monitoring of new safety standards.
  2. Does your property require additional technologies to adapt to recent market changes?
    Have you implemented the right technologies to increase safety by promoting enhanced hygiene and social distancing? Possibly keyless entry, digital guest services, PMS integrated solutions that provide adequate tracking of room cleaning? Take a look at your new safety protocols, and guests’ needs, to determine where there are gaps putting your business or your guests at risk. All of these technologies implemented to prepare for the new tomorrow, require strong networks and increased bandwidth. All hoteliers will need to adapt their operations and technology strategies to protect employees and guests.
  3. Is your provider holding you back rather than enabling you to strategize long term, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs?
    Finding a provider that is truly a vested partner in your success can make a significant impact on the success of your technology strategy. A partner helps optimize hotel operations by helping you take a big-picture approach to your IT strategy. Consolidating your solutions under one provider who provides comprehensive support can help you prepare to meet ever evolving network requirements and position you to attract greater market share.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to take a look at your existing network infrastructure. In order to succeed moving forward, it’s essential to have the network and technology in place that enables increased operational efficiency, enhanced experiences and a safe environment for both guests and staff – all while reducing long-term operating costs.

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