Ensure In-Room Comfort With A Smart Cooling Solution For Modular Hotel Builds


Hotel guests crave in-room comfort, and effective climate control in their accommodations plays a large part in making that happen. The mantra when guests are at their home away from home? Keep Calm and Stay Cool.

With the increase in modular hotel construction – thanks to faster assembly time, improved product consistency and better ways to transport pre-built units – a unique set of HVAC challenges have emerged. But, the idea of creating a sanctuary for business and leisure travelers, where a comfortable room climate is ensured, is no less crucial.

To remain relevant and on the pulse of industry trends, strategic-minded air-conditioner manufacturers are responding with a practical cooling solution that can be seamlessly integrated at the time of multi-level modular construction – single package vertical systems. Here are five reasons why this game-changer in the market is successfully bridging the goal of achieving customized climate control with the distinct needs of this growing trend in hotel construction.


#1 Satisfied – Climate Control Convenience

The “thermostat dance” of constantly changing room temperatures in guest accommodations is all-too-familiar to hotel customers. Having a common, centrally-located thermostat can help balance comfort for the whole room or suite, while making guests feel at home.

Modular hotels can take advantage of single package vertical systems for optimum guest comfort and convenience. A wired or wireless thermostat can be mounted in a location that allows for optimum comfort anywhere in the suite. Friedrich’s single package Vert-I-Pak system is available in range of cooling capacities from 9,000 to 24,000 BTU's, providing a variety of options for most properties. Thanks to these units, a guest relaxing in the living room and a guest in a separate bedroom can enjoy ideal comfort from a single, closet-installed unit.

Improving the guest experience is always top of mind for today’s hoteliers, and single package vertical systems are part of the next generation of hospitality enhancements aimed at elevating customer satisfaction.


#2 Achieve A Neater, Streamlined Look

Smart design of modular-built hotel accommodations and successful in-room climate control are not mutually exclusive. Guest accommodations can maximize visual appeal and satisfy individual climate preferences simultaneously. 

Self-contained and out of view, single package vertical cooling systems include a condenser, compressor and evaporator inside a compact unit that fits in a small mechanical closet. All guests notice is the thermostat, and they can easily adjust the living room and bedroom temperatures as they see fit. These systems afford an improved, upscale interior design in modular-built hotels, eliminating the need for multiple through-the-wall products, without sacrificing performance. And, for straight-forward construction, these efficient individual air-conditioning units can be easily inserted into designated spaces at the time of construction.

In modular hotel construction, the idea of a sleek, neat interior applies to the entire design, including air-conditioning, where “out of sight, out of mind” is a definite positive.


#3 The Outside Matters, Too

First impressions of a hotel are crucial, and in today’s competitive market, even the building exterior isn’t immune to customer scrutiny.  

Individual vertical package cooling systems that are seamlessly incorporated during modular hotel construction provide a clean, attractive outdoor aesthetic. The “eliminations” add up – no clutter of outdoor condensing units that comes with split systems, no rooftop cooling tower with a chiller, and no need for refrigerant lines to run between floors. Plus, the color of the sleek architectural grill is typically customized to match the building’s exterior. 




#4 Ease of Installation Saves Time & Money

Simplified installation of a vertical package cooling system fits nicely into the modular manufacturing process. It is simple, straight-forward and saves building time – all huge bonuses during modular hotel construction – so developers can concentrate on other aspects of their hospitality project.

On the assembly line, the system is inserted into the wall cavity created for it. They are ready to install – prewired, charged and piped accordingly as well as come with an individually controlled wall-mounted thermostat. These systems can also be ducted to multiple rooms, a bonus for suites and extended-stay properties. Electrical, drainage and duct connections at the hotel can be done by a single technician in minutes. Access to the systems for maintenance and replacements are extremely easy.

This energy-efficient option is better than a whole building solution because it lowers the risk of making an entire hotel inhabitable when there is an air-conditioning problem. And, there’s less disruption during the repair process.


#5 Shhh – Listen to the Quiet

Smart product design of individual vertical package systems allows hotel guests to relish in the lack of noise as they enjoy a comfortable in-room climate.

The Vert-I-Pak solution from Friedrich features a floating chassis that is sealed to a patented telescoping plenum (the space where air circulates) without the need for permanent metal fasteners such as screws or bolts – thereby eradicating vibration noises that are heard in guest accommodations. The compressor is mounted on extra thick, vibration-absorbing rubber grommets on a durable base for bolstered acoustic integrity.

Single package vertical cooling systems can be low on noise and high on efficiency, which in turns saves money to the bottom line. Excellent insulation that drastically diminishes sound and yields monetary rewards – this is modular hotel building that is smart from the start.

Modular hotel design that considers a single package vertical cooling system from the onset is a smart solution to the distinct challenge of such construction. Central air, split systems can be complicated with multi-level modular hotel building, but single package air-conditioning units are a viable option that can save time and money without sacrificing design quality or efficiency. Products are compact, reliable and cater to the individual climate preferences of guests staying in multi-bedroom suites and extended-stay properties – so everyone can “Keep Calm and Stay Cool.”

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.