Experience Counts in the Office and Laundry

(Experience Counts in the Office and Laundry)

When it comes to hiring for management positions in hospitality or any industry, experience matters. Nobody wants to gamble on an unproven individual for important work. So, it’s ironic that often, properties select cheap, unproven equipment to do important work in the laundry.

While laundry is often referred to as a back-of-the-house service, nothing could be further from the truth. From sheets and pillowcases to towels and table linens, your guests interact with every product your laundry processes.  That’s why it’s important to select not just durable, high quality equipment, but also understand how such seemingly “more expensive” machines can actually save money over the long term.

Through the ultimate in engineering and design that refuses to cut corners to advanced technologies, UniMac industrial laundry equipment delivers the ultimate in reliability and efficiency.

A pedigree of durability. When your facility is managing hundreds of thousands of pounds of linen annually, breakdowns and downtime are not options. UniMac washer-extractors and tumble dryers truly are the result of our almost 100 years of engineering excellence and industry leadership. Between our five-stage design process, advanced life testing in a state-of-the-art test lab and use of plate steel and other rugged components and materials, UniMac ensures ultimate durability, which means you spend less in replacement costs, downtime and service calls.

Features that save time…and money. Lowest cost of ownership is driven by features, not fluff. Nobody understands the needs of the on-premises laundry market like UniMac and no other manufacturer has the number of cost-saving innovations to help laundries reduce expenses… features such as:

  • Ultra-high extraction. With final spin speeds of up to 400 G-force on some models, UniMac washer-extractors remove more water from loads than many cheaper machines. The results are faster dry times, reduced gas consumption and greater throughput.
  • OPTispray. UniMac’s innovative high-pressure spray rinse removes more soil on pre-rinses and residual chemistry on final rinse steps than the bath-style rinse of cheaper models. The results are improved wash quality, faster cycle times and 30 percent less residual chemistry, which contribute to less water consumption, greater throughput and higher guest satisfaction.
  • OPTidry. Hotel laundry staff have been over-drying loads for years, a process misstep that leads to costly consequences. OPTidry eliminates over-drying by drying to a set moisture level and no further – removing operator error from the process equation. By doing this, linen quality improves as well as its useful life, and utility consumption goes down.
  • Laundry monitoring. When UniMac laundry equipment is paired with the cutting-edge TotalVue laundry management system, managers have the final piece of the lowest cost of ownership solution. TotalVue gives managers access to unparalleled amounts of data, in real time, to better manage costs and ensure processes are being followed. Managing to key performance indicators (KPI) and benchmark results against other properties (for owners of multiple hotels) is important for operational efficiency. By drilling down to an accurate cost per pound, laundries are better equipped to improve overall operations, while also dialing in the highest quality finished results.

Things that seem like a bargain upfront often end up costing operations more over the long-term than “higher priced” machines. UniMac has always focused on the lowest cost of ownership. Tested to deliver more than 48,000 cycles, we know that the savings our machines deliver cycle after cycle, offer return on investment far exceeding the purchase price. That reliability comes backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.

And our experience doesn’t stop at our history. UniMac is sold and serviced through a network of highly trained authorized distributors. We know that the hallmarks of quality are more than the steel and circuitry, it’s the people who represent the brand locally. Customers need peace of mind that in the event their product requires service, there’s a local technician to take care of it expeditiously – that’s UniMac.

The bottom line: you wouldn’t settle for an inexperienced manager, so, why would you go with an unproven brand in the laundry room, just because it’s cheaper up front?

Demand a machine that will pay for itself in savings in the first year of operation. Demand the total package with the brand that delivers depth of experience, industrial performance and the lowest total cost of ownership. Demand UniMac.

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.