The New Statement-Maker: Mobile Nesting Tables Enhance Style, Functionality & Savings

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Innovative products that save time and money while providing outstanding flair and functionality are paramount for hotels of any size. Consider mobile nesting tables that are attractive, masterfully engineered and built to last…

How can these modern-styled tables satisfy a hotel’s operational needs? By executing a quick set-up for breakfast and seamless change-over to lunch during an executive meeting or conference. Presenting food and drinks at weddings, cocktail functions and corporate events against a rustic, modern or tropically inspired table backdrop. Displaying pieces of art, flower-filled vases or brochures in the hotel hallways or lobby on linenless tables that complement décor. Going beyond crucial product performance, mobile nesting tables enhance a space’s functionality, boost staff efficiency, and become a decorative focal point in the room – a genuine statement-maker.

New products entering the market are encouraging hoteliers to embrace how easy-to-move, eye-catching nesting tables can significantly improve operations, all with a dash of elegance. Here are the top three reasons why nesting tables are a smart investment for today’s hoteliers.

Saving Space With Modern Form & Function

Coveted hotel storage space is premium real estate, so products that effectively save that space are enormously appealing to hoteliers.

Mobile nesting tables have a compact footprint and can be easily stowed away until usage – a huge bonus for smaller properties with less storage space and for larger properties with more equipment/materials to put away – all while showcasing modern form and outstanding function. A back-of-house that is less crowded is easier to navigate, bolstering labor speed and efficiency when executing tasks. For added dimension and creative layout, these lightweight tables can be purchased in multiple sizes (with tiered height structures that provide a dimensional presentation) and be stored by easily sliding underneath each other.

Space-saving also applies to the room layout. Nesting tables are easy to configure and create a clean, open look for hotel spaces. Plus, they encourage a streamlined room set-up, so more space can be allotted to guests and other elements in the room.

The Virtues of Versatility

Products that showcase their adaptability and changeability as well as a high degree of performance, customization and value are poised to positively disrupt the marketplace.

Mobile nesting tables are synonymous with being multi-purpose in countless spaces around a hotel, including coffee stations in boardrooms, displays in hotel lobbies, buffet stations for weddings, luncheons for business meetings, cocktail parties in public areas, and much more.

Mobile nesting tables give new meaning to “dressed to impress” – they come in a variety of styles (high-pressure laminate, textured laminate and wood veneer counters) to accompany any room’s design scheme. For example, Forbes Industries recently launched several new series of mobile nesting tables, including the contemporary Foss line with waterfall countertop edges, the country-inspired Rustica line, and the Fiji line boasting a tropical feel and wood-slat design. These tables are attractive, scratch-resistant, and can be arranged in endless variety, ultimately driving hoteliers to reimagine the possibilities of sophisticated design, exceptional functionality and unparalleled versatility.

Benefits Yielded by the Ability “To Move”

Return on investment is always top of mind for hoteliers, who must carefully manage budgets without sacrificing quality or negatively impacting the guest experience.

Since mobile nesting tables are a sophisticated piece of artistry and no tablecloths are required, there are less overall linens for a property to launder, resulting in a trifecta of savings – labor time, cleaning products and money. Plus, staff who spend less time laundering are freed up to execute top-level customer service, which drives coveted guest loyalty.

Labor efficiency is crucial, and the trickle-down effect through operations is significant. Mobile nesting tables afford faster set-up and easier clean-up, making for a more efficient (and less labor-intensive) experience. For added ease and convenience, Forbes Industries’ nesting tables are outfitted with swivel casters (and two brakes per table), so the tables can move effortlessly and quickly be locked into place. A polyurethane treatment on the casters’ treads means floors don’t get damaged in the process. And, mobile nesting tables built with superior-engineered frames and reinforced brackets for strength and durability last longer, making smart financial sense for hoteliers with an eye on the bottom line. 


Mobile nesting tables are quickly making a statement in the market by enriching a style’s space, elevating functionality, improving labor efficiency, and affording financial savings that can be applied to other aspects of bolstering the guest experience. These quality crafted products come in various price points to meet most budgets, and their use expands beyond a single room or public space. Add the all-important design, space-saving and labor components, and mobile nesting tables are quickly proving their value as a smart investment by today’s hotel professionals. 

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.