Personalized Marketing + Technology = The Path To Profits

Personalized Marketing + Technology = The Path To Profits

The power of personalization is undeniable in hospitality guest marketing. Targeted, relevant messaging delivered at the right time gets consumers thinking – and that often translates into higher rates of conversion whether it’s pre- or post-stay or if the guest is on-property.

When consumers are made to feel special and that an experience is tailored to them, it inspires them to make purchases and encourages loyalty. Fortunately, today’s technology allows personalized marketing to be more impactful than ever before. If your hotel isn’t tapping the latest technology to personalize marketing, then your competition certainly is, and they are reaping the financial rewards. Here are the top five ways to leverage technology for personalized guest marketing.

Engagement Through Mobile Apps

Hotel apps do a lot – they optimize the check-in experience, allow properties to collect customer data, foster brand awareness, act as a destination tour guide, and much more. One of the most important things a quality mobile app does is establish two-way communication between guests and hotel staff, so personalized marketing efforts and elevated customer service can thrive.

Guests easily download a hotel’s app onto their mobile device and immediately begin interacting and engaging with the property. They can ask for extra pillows before arriving, request late check-out, make dinner reservations, and inquire about various services. After the guest initiates communication, hotels can then share special promotions tailored to the guest’s preferences and information about on-property specials and events.

Each hotel has its own unique needs (just like guests), so today’s technology companies provide different mobile app options to ensure an ideal fit. INTELITY offers three levels of customization with a single or multi-property mobile app, a custom-branded white label app, and a software development kit (SDK) that can be integrated into a hotel’s existing mobile app.

‘Push’ To Profits

Sometimes we all need a little “push” to get going. Push notifications – relevant messages that appear on a guest’s mobile phone or in-room tablet – that reach customers at the right time can significantly bolster engagement, acquisition, and retention. For example, around 4 pm you could send a notification to your on-property guests about that evening’s Happy Hour or dinner specials (it might be the well-timed “push” the guest needs to attend or make dinner reservations).

Craft push notifications through a strategic combination of personalized content and timing of delivery. Be selective with what you say – notifications with fewer words have higher conversion percentages. Use your notifications wisely because if you go overboard with the amount you send, consumers will ignore them.

Look To The Data

There’s no shortage of customer data that’s now available to hotels, but what hoteliers do with that data is a huge differentiator between savvy and stagnant marketing.

Leverage your data to send guests targeted promotions based on loyalty program status, rate code, group, buying preferences, and more, and let them know they are receiving a special offer based on that particular status. The messaging is tied to something that sets them apart from other consumers, and they are being rewarded for it. Offer a room discount or added value to on-property guests if they extend their stay. Provide guests not on-property with a small window to book a discounted room rate. INTELITY’s guest marketing solutions make it easier for hoteliers to send special offers based on different status and preferences at any point before, during, or after the customer stay.

Be Top Of Mind Year-Round

The hospitality industry is an increasingly crowded space, making it harder than ever to gain market share. A continuity of personalized communication throughout the year goes a long way toward positively standing out from the competition and driving revenue.

Send personalized messages and/or offers for a guest’s birthday or on the anniversary of when they last stayed with you, holiday wishes, and news about the property to keep your hotel front of mind, build loyalty, and help make your hotel feel like an extension of home. Use e-mail marketing to reach potential guests – those who’ve abandoned the online booking process – so they can pick-up where they left off and complete their reservation.

Elevate Concierge Capabilities

Even with the Internet’s tremendous research capabilities, the value of the hotel concierge remains paramount because of the local knowledge and contacts they possess.

Using a digital concierge dashboard allows the concierge team to view, organize and manage on-property guests’ requests and effectively streamline service delivery. Based on guest profiles and requests, the concierge can create custom in-destination itineraries that drive ancillary revenue, suggest event tickets based on individual preferences, and advise guests of local experiences that enhance the cultural experience and connection.


Obtain a deeper level of personalized marketing and profitability driven by advanced technology. Start with a high-powered mobile hotel app. Send relevant push notifications and offers based on guest status at the optimum time, tap into the potential of a digital concierge, and create consistent customized communications before, during, and after a guest’s stay – all aimed at elevating the guest experience while increasing revenue generation.


This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.