Would YOU Eat At Your Hotel Restaurant? Go Beyond Satiating The Palate

(Restaurant kitchen)

Observations from a recent diner at a hotel restaurant…A hair or bug in the entrée. Dirty windows, grimy tables and dusty light fixtures. Messy bathroom stalls. The unpleasant odor. And, what restaurant patrons might not see – unsanitary cooking areas and improperly cleaned kitchen appliances. Hungry yet?

This is not a pretty picture nor is it the foundation for culinary excellence (Michelin star or otherwise). It results in squelched customer appetites, disastrous social media fodder, a negative reputation, fewer reservations and diminished hotel revenue – not the ingredients any chef would favor for a recipe.

Today’s state and local health departments are, understandably, more stringent on the food and beverage industries as they try to reduce incidents of food-borne illnesses and reaffirm the vital importance of properly cleansed dining and kitchen spaces in hotel restaurants.

Hotel restaurants that demand a flawless level of cleanliness but are also mindful of budgets are increasingly looking to outsourcing companies specializing in sanitizing every corner of dining establishments. Here are five reasons why outsourcing this crucial task is a smart, strategic and cost-effective path to gastronomic satisfaction, positive consumer praise and game-changing profitability. 


#1 – Aligning With Cleansing Experts Breeds Culinary Confidence 


Magnificent accommodations, impeccable service and an overall unrivaled experience are the ideals a hotel seeks to associate with their name – not e-coli, salmonella or dirt-related issues.

Cleansing and sanitizing a restaurant requires the capabilities of a team specifically trained to adhere to EPA standards, and this is where the expertise of an outsourcing company is invaluable. Knowledge of how to effectively disinfect commercial appliances. Proper techniques for sterilizing food-preparation surfaces and utensils. Executing a rigorous check-list of sweeping floors, washing windows, scouring restrooms and the lengthy lists of requirements so that a diner could literally eat off the floor without worry.

Confidently aligning with an outsourcing company, such as Jani-King, that instructs their staff on the procedures for effectively sanitizing a dining environment, and where attention to detail throughout the space – think ridding a restaurant of every crumb, dust bunny and germ – doesn’t need to strain budgets.  It’s a step towards hotel sustainability. And, the potential lost money due to a negative reputation will far exceed the financial investment to get the job done right.


#2 – Profits Flee Where Germs & Dirt Thrive


Hotel restaurant dining is a massive potential profit center. Consider guests staying with you or at nearby properties, local diners craving a night out, a business professional seeking a venue for a business meeting or someone wanting to book a special celebration.  

When the highest standards of sanitization are not intensely valued and implemented, hotels willingly put themselves at risk of a weakened reputation and loss of revenue.  Tapping into the services of an outsourcing company that understands the stringent restaurant cleansing requirements (including the significance of a disinfected bathroom) gives hotels a distinct competitive edge. Dining establishments that suffer from a ring of filth and germs make customers wonder about the rest of the hotel – and that eats away at the money, diminishes customer loyalty and negatively impacts the cultivation of future guests.

When restaurants are as fresh as the food served, guests are wowed and inspired to share the experience. Positive online reviews can bolster revenue just as adverse comments can do irreparable damage. Make social media and review sites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp and Urban Spoon work for you, not against.

It’s an undeniable link, but hoteliers ready to seriously leverage the opportunities of a hotel restaurant with a revamped mindset towards cleanliness are poised to win with profitability.


#3 – Effectively Maintain Costs While Bolstering A Quality Experience


Budget is always top of mind for hoteliers, but working with a commercial cleaning company is actually a smart solution for controlling costs of labor and overnight services. Hotels operate much more seamlessly when monthly costs are fixed – it’s one of the pillars of balancing a healthy budget. 

Connecting with an outsourcing agency for restaurant cleaning services means hotels can drastically reduce their overall workman’s compensation claims (and expenditures) because that agency takes over the responsibility of those issues. Plus, uniting with a sub-contractor for housekeeping services means hotels can reduce the benefits they are required to carry under the Affordable Care Act.

Partnering with a leader in the commercial cleaning space means hotels are able to shrink financial outlays without sacrificing the all-crucial element of cleanliness for their restaurant guests. And, money saved can be applied to enhancing other aspects of the dining and hotel experience.


#4 – With Cleanliness Managed, Focus On Delivering Gastronomic Indulgence


Dining out is a treat for the senses – the fragrant smells, divine tastes and masterful visual appeal should take center stage. Not dust, grime, the risk of bacteria, or anything else that is an appetite turn-off.

Hotels that employ a sub-contractor, such as Jani-King, to handle the multi-faceted process of sanitizing every corner of a restaurant allow chefs and the kitchen team to focus on delivering the dream diners crave – an impeccably prepared meal that inspires and satiates the palate.

Chefs can craft enticing menus and source the ingredients they need to execute their culinary vision. And, those ingredients can “live” in a properly disinfected environment so their flavors (not germs) thrive. Confident about cleanliness procedures, hotel can focus on training their servers and the entire restaurant team so the dining experience is flawless from every aspect.  


#5 – A Week of Proper Cleansing Makes A Massive Difference 


A single sanitization process of a restaurant can make a huge difference in preventing the spread of germs and dirt, so imagine what one week of thorough daily cleansing can do.

Typically, the seven-day cleaning process executed by a commercial company specializing in disinfecting restaurants prevents build-up of debris and helps avert odors that can permeate fresh food, among other significant improvements. It’s about creating a clean slate for every diner’s clean plate.

Outsourcing agencies usually accommodate a restaurant’s individual schedule (so cleaning can take place once all diners have left) and can be customized to a restaurant’s specific requirements, equipment, etc. Cleanliness breeds more cleanliness when procedures are expertly implemented by a knowledgeable team with a keen attention to detail and deep levels of professionalism.

Cleanliness isn’t a new trend, and the “white glove test” of intense scrutiny that hotel guests bring with them extends far beyond the hotel room, and without question, into every aspect of the restaurant experience. A hotel is strengthened by the priorities it sets and the company it keeps, which is why tapping into the expertise of an outsourcing agency that specializes in the sanitizing of restaurant spaces makes good business sense. Bolstered appetites lead to bolstered profits. Who isn’t hungry for revenue?

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.