Starwood rolls out 10-point plan to reinvent Sheraton brand

As the 37th Annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference kicked off in New York, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide introduced Sheraton 2020, a 10-point plan to improve performance and boost revenue at its Sheraton Hotels and Resorts. Sheraton 2020, a nod to the plan’s five-year vision, includes a new $100 million Sheraton-focused marketing campaign; the launch of the new premier tier, Sheraton Grand; the implementation of revenue and profit-driving initiatives to benefit owners and developers; and a goal of opening more than 150 new Sheraton hotels worldwide by 2020.

“Sheraton is Starwood’s largest, and most global brand, with a nearly 80-year history,” Starwood interim CEO Adam Aron said in a statement. “This is a top priority and we will act boldly to put Sheraton back on its rightful pedestal as a global hotel brand of choice, everywhere.” 

According to Dave Marr, Global Brand Leader for Sheraton, work is underway on Sheraton 2020 with initiatives scheduled to roll out as soon as June and a new brand positioning and global advertising campaign launching in September of this year. “Sheraton 2020 was created with an eye toward maximizing value for owners’ assets, and we thought it was important to share our plans first with them while at the NYU Hospitality Conference,” said Marr. “Our teams around the world are already hard at work to swiftly and consistently execute against this action plan.”

The 10 points of Sheraton 2020 include:

  1.  Introduce New Sheraton Brand Positioning

– Reinvigorate Sheraton with a new vision to define and crystallize what Sheraton stands for as a brand 

– Create a new visual identity for Sheraton that incorporates our current, iconic logo

– Enhance the digital experience and develop compelling content

  1. $100 Million Sheraton Marketing Campaign 

– Roll out a multichannel global advertising campaign, beginning in 2015 through 2017

– Execute the richest Sheraton-focused SPG promotions in Starwood’s history

– Ramp up media buzz and social strategy to meaningfully engage consumers across all channels

  1. Launch Sheraton Grand

– Elevate 100+ premier Sheraton hotels to new Sheraton Grand tier to showcase Sheraton's best properties and create a halo effect across the portfolio

– Focus first on global gateways to lure high-value travelers and create a worldwide network

– Encourage more owners to renovate properties to achieve new Sheraton Grand stature  

  1. Earn Owners’ Confidence in Sheraton

– Laser-focus on revenue and profit-driving initiatives and programs to boost owner value

– Balance building and conversion costs with exceptional guest experience 

– Reevaluate brand standards and fee structures to improve owner economics

  1. Ignite Associates’ Passion for Sheraton

– Enlist Sheraton General Managers as leaders of change on the frontlines

– Connect Sheraton’s people to new brand vision and their role in bringing it to life 

  1. Get Service Right at Sheraton. Every Day. Every TimeEverywhere.

– Focus on excellence in service delivery, including cleanliness, condition of rooms and responsiveness to guests

– Inspire and incent our hotels to reach new Guest Experience and Quality Assurance goals

– Tackle lowest-performing hotels, move the middle, and learn from the top

  1. Reclaim Sheraton’s Status as THE Meetings Brand

– Become go-to brand for top planners and customers – take back group share 

– Kick off global customer blitz; amp up booking rewards and incentives

  1. Innovate the Sheraton Guest Experience. Continuously.

– Offer unique and imaginative premium sleep, entertainment, fitness and bath experiences

– Invigorate Food & Beverage – more relevant, more profitable

– Unleash the potential of Sheraton Club

  1. Differentiate Sheraton through Design 

– Transform public spaces and guestrooms through smart, intuitive, forward-looking design

– Leverage lobby design to drive revenue

  1. Strengthen Sheraton by Opening 150+ New Hotels by 2020

– Through conversions, adaptive re-use and new-build projects, develop the right properties in the right markets with favorable returns for owners and their investors

– Create a flexible new-build product that enhances hotel profitability in secondary and tertiary markets

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