5 questions with Ric Leutwyler, president of SkyTouch Technology

Hotel Management spoke with Ric Leutwyler, president of SkyTouch Technology, to get his take on the technology scene from 2014 and what he expects in 2015. Here's what he told us about the industry and his company.

1. How will the hotel industry fare in 2015 in terms of overall operating metrics and profits?
RL: There are many signs that 2015 will be another strong year for the hotel industry. We are excited to be a part of this surge in success for hotel owners and operators.

2. What specific or significant goals have you set for your company in 2015?
RL: As a technology solutions provider for the hotel industry—our focus is on helping hospitality professionals achieve the greatest success possible. Our goals are focused on delivering the greatest value [through enhancements to our service and support] to our existing customer base while welcoming many new customers onto the SkyTouch Hotel OS platform.

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3. What challenges within the industry or within the world at large—have the possibility to upset the current general optimism within the industry?
RL: There are so many moving parts that have the potential to impact something like optimism. We keep our attention focused on providing the tools that empower hotel owners and operators to make the most of what is happening around them.

4. In 2015, where are you concentrating your company’s growth and expansion?
RL: SkyTouch Technology already supports customers in seven different countries around the world. At the moment, we are focusing most of our attention on these markets. At the same time, we have been in discussions with potential customers and partners that would lead to expansion of this global footprint.

5. What areas within the hotel industry will deserve the most attention in 2015 that may not be on our radar now? For example: Labor issues, government/economic issues, etc.
RL: My focus is on technology... It seems that everyone we speak to is paying attention to three things that are tightly connected to technology. The first is improving guest satisfaction and loyalty. Running a close second is finding the right path forward to leverage all the benefits of evolving cloud-based technology. Finally, the evolving requirements for payment processing and ever-increasing focus on data security are high on everyone’s list.

In five words or fewer, what is your overall outlook for 2015: exciitng, evolving, lucrative and important.


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