AElement RFID lock integrates JustIN mobile technology

(AElement RFID lock integrates JustIN mobile technology)

Salto’s stylish AElement RFID lock now supports the company’s JustIN Mobile technology, offering hotel guests a convenient and keyless experience with the help of mobile access.

By integrating AElement locks and mobile access, Salto Hospitality makes it possible for guests and hotel staff to use their mobile devices as a key. Salto’s JustIN Mobile app supports mobile credentials, providing hotels managers with better control over access rights, making the check-in process faster and more secure, and providing a truly warm welcome.
“Guest’s demand for the use of smartphones and apps as part of their hotel experience is increasing steeply,” said Rob Zijl, Salto Systems Hospitality access solutions’ VP. “More and more major hotel chains as well as individual boutique hotels are embracing this smart technology. With AElement, we extend this technology, combining the design of a stylish lock with the latest and most advanced access control technology.”

The first version of AElement locks using RFID contactless technology has been a great success: thousands of hotels have installed this lock model in their properties and millions of guests have used it. Time and technology wait for no one, however, so to keep up with our latest innovations such as the JustIN Mobile app an update of our hardware was necessary. The JustIN Mobile app communicates securely via the Cloud and enables hotel guests to receive their room key online, anytime and anywhere.

The latest versions of the AElement electronic locks are also now equipped with bluetooth low energy. This additional feature allows users to lock and unlock the doors, using their phone as the key with the help of JustIN Mobile. The BLE technology provides the perfect complement to traditional contactless access cards, giving guests the choice of two technologies to open doors if they wish.

And the JustIN Mobile app is completely secure as keys cannot be duplicated, unlike mechanical keys or some low-security RFID technologies. The encrypted data transfer uses SSL AES 128 bit encryption opening procedures, to ensure secure transmission.