Agilysys and Travelnuts partner for web booking engine

Agilysys and Travelnuts have set a partnership agreement where the Travelnuts booking engine will be integrated with the Agilysys’ rGuest Stay property management system to help hotel customers improve conversion rates, drive incremental revenue and increase guest satisfaction. rGuest Stay is the SaaS property management system, built on the company's new rGuest cloud-based hospitality technology platform. The guest-centric PMS is a standards-based solution on an open platform that enables rich integration for applications.

With this partnership, rGuest Stay hotel customers will benefit from Travelnuts' booking engine, which will allow them to offer highly customized guest stays by making recommendations during the booking process for activities in and around the property. Because the booking engine integrates directly with rGuest Stay, room availability, rates and inventory are presented in real time, and the risk of overselling rooms is virtually eliminated. T

he booking engine allows independent properties to reduce their dependency on higher-cost OTA channels and improve profitability. Hotel guests can also make and manage their reservations easily from a variety of devices, such as a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

"Our partnership with Travelnuts allows us to provide rGuest Stay customers with a truly unique booking engine that not only increases revenue but also enhances guest satisfaction," said Jim Dennedy, president and chief executive officer of Agilysys. "In the highly competitive hospitality market, hotels are constantly searching for ways to differentiate their offerings. The combined power of the Travelnuts booking engine and the rGuest Stay property management system gives hotels a real advantage over the competition, helping them improve conversion rates, drive incremental revenue and create lasting connections with guests."

The Travelnuts booking engine, which is built with cloud technologies, is an online and mobile-compatible solution that drives conversion rates and increases revenue by upselling guests and displaying value-added items. With Travelnuts' support, based on cutting edge data analysis techniques, rGuest Stay properties can select the ancillary products and services they want to offer, either from their own hotel inventory or from the Travelnuts partner network. Travelnuts will optimize item selection, placement and pricing to maximize sales. In addition, advanced analytics tools incorporated into the booking engine will provide rGuest Stay customers with insights into guest purchasing behavior and enable a personalized booking experience based on guest profile data as well as the type of device the guest is using.