Airista Flow launches safety SaaS platform

The housekeeping safety software offers a real-time view of personnel locations during panic events, responses, and everyday activities. Photo credit: Airista Flow

Airista Flow launches an end-to-end software as a service solution for the hospitality industry that addresses employee safety and panic button needs amid changing state and city regulations.

Airista Flow housekeeper safety is a safety SaaS platform that uses real-time location system technology to help hotels and other hospitality facilities satisfy modern panic button requirements. The platform combines real-time insights with two-way communication tools to provide full visibility of buildings, creating a system for companies that must address or improve their employee safety programs. Deployed on-premises or via cloud portal, the platform will remain a flexible and up-to-date solution that allows users to stay compliant with emerging legislation.
“Airista Flow is committed to our mission of offering solutions that change outcomes in business processes,” CEO Sy Sajjad said in a statement. “Our SaaS housekeeper safety offering is the most innovative and complete staff safety solution available, providing the industry with a much-needed affordable and scalable option.”
Airista Flow’s location-based business solutions have been used by organizations to protect employees, optimize internal processes and fuel accelerated decision-making. The company funneled its expertise in real-time location systems and personnel safety and its experience with partners the American Hotel & Lodging Association and the Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association into its comprehensive hospitality software, which offers a real-time view of personnel locations during panic events, responses and everyday activities to keep housekeepers and other staff safe.
“Airista Flow provided solutions when previous providers failed to get the task completed on time. The creativity and partnership all within the identified budget proved to be a resounding success with our RTLS system at the property,” said client Mark Sanders, managing director of Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan. “The work provided by Airista Flow and its partners was second to none: timely, collaborative and professional at all times."
“We recognize the difficulty of keeping employees safe in these environments and the urgency of meeting new state and city regulations, which is why we wanted to create an easy option for those looking to implement a solution fast,” said Airista Flow VP of marketing Vince Grove. “But we also wanted to provide an advanced platform that offers enterprises the opportunity to expand their safety programs to service larger, more complex areas and obtain greater process improvement results through next-generation RTLS technology.”