Akamai addresses image-heavy websites with new Image Manager

Akamai's Image Manager

Akamai Technologies introduces Image Manager. Intended for use in conjunction with Akamai’s web performance solutions, Image Manager is designed to provide customers with a fast and easy way to create and deliver optimal images to all users across a wide range of device types and browsers.

In addition, the ability to apply visually lossless compression can benefit organizations by reducing page weight without compromising user experience, thus improving performance and driving greater audience engagement.
Today’s image-intensive websites and mobile applications have introduced a variety of challenges for owners of these web properties. Even as the web continues to become better connected, the proliferation of images has made sites much heavier, impacting speed, performance and ultimately the user experience. For example, many organizations still deliver “desktop sized” images to mobile and tablet devices, which contributes to over downloading and suboptimal site performance. Those companies that attempt to deliver custom images based on device type, artistic treatment or other criteria often find themselves faced with complex workflows that can slow time to market as well as increase processing and storage costs.

Image Manager is designed to address these challenges by giving site owners the ability to improve user experience by automatically optimizing web images for both maximum visual quality and performance while at the same time reducing the cost and effort required to store, transform and deliver derivative images, decreasing time to market.       
To address the proliferation of image-heavy sites, Image Manager is designed to:

  • Provide intelligent optimizations and delivery: Image Manager is designed to intelligently deliver the richest, highest quality, fastest and best-suited image for each end user and device.
  • Easily integrate into existing environments without disrupting application development: Speeding time to market and reducing infrastructure and software complexity are often critical to a website’s ongoing success.
  • Deliver unprecedented scale and reliability: Image Manager is made available to customers via the world’s largest distributed computing platform.