Amadeus and Derbysoft partner on content distribution

(Amadeus and Derbysoft partner)

Amadeus has partnered with DerbySoft to connect hotels of all sizes to metasearch engines and online travel agents, helping them to compete in the hotel marketplace.

Traditionally, connecting to metasearch engines has been a challenge for small and medium chain hoteliers due to technical constraints and market fragmentation but also the high costs of implementing and maintaining multiple connections. As metasearch companies aggregate rates and availability from multiple sources including suppliers and OTAs, hotels simply cannot afford to exclude themselves from that environment.

The partnership between Amadeus and DerbySoft will enable hotels to distribute their content to most metasearch engines and popular OTAs through their existing connection to the Amadeus GDS. Additionally, independent hotels represented in the GDS under Amadeus' representation company, Amadeus LinkHotel, will also benefit from this connection and reap the rewards of connecting to a wider audience.

“Amadeus' hotel customers will have access to a much wider audience through the DerbySoft connection and interface, and with no additional implementation costs,” said Keith Cotton, SVP global business at DerbySoft.

In addition to the increased reach, a hotel can optimize its marketing budget by selecting the right channel to place the right offer in front of the travel seller at exactly the right time. This can be done manually and automatically with advanced algorithms that dynamically decide the most effective channel of distribution. Hotels benefit from having the ability to target their content in each channel, and the traveller benefits from receiving a more personalized offer catered to his or her preferences.

“This partnership does not only allow Amadeus hotel customers to instantly amplify their distribution reach, but also provides the largest online players with critical new room offering,” said Peter Waters, director of hotel distribution at Amadeus.