Ambassadors Bloomsbury installs Samsung's unified voice and data platform

Ambassadors Bloomsbury has recently installed Samsung Electronics unique unified voice and data platform for hospitality, to improve both staff communication and guest Wi-Fi experience as part of the hotels upgrade project. At the same time, the hotel upgraded its in-room TVs to Samsung Hospitality TVs and installed a Samsung multi-function printer to update its back office capability.

Connectivity and quality of the Wi-Fi service available at a hotel can be a significant factor in a guest’s choice of venue. In recognition of this, Ambassadors Bloomsbury wanted to provide Wi-Fi access for all guests as well as replacing the internal phone system which had become unreliable.

As a result of its upgrade project, Ambassadors Bloomsbury wanted to replace its aging PABX telephone system, separate DECT radio infrastructure and Wi-Fi network with a unified platform that could combine the functionality of all previous infrastructures into a single integrated solution. The hotel selected Samsung’s single platform voice and Wi-Fi solution because it would reduce the cost of infrastructure support, flatten IT management overhead and improve staff to guest communications.

“Upgrading our systems has made me realize how poor our service was previously,” said Francisco Ventura, general manager Ambassadors Bloomsbury. “Our Wi-Fi service for our customers and staff is now accessible everywhere and integration of mobiles into the system has given us a much better and lower cost method of communication with staff wherever they are. This will result in better customer service.”

Samsung single solution also includes voice over Wi-Fi using Samsung smartphones, which provides the hotel with a lower cost and future proofed voice and messaging platform for its staff. Now, with users’ mobile and internal extension credentials fused onto a single device, there is no longer a need to support separate DECT and/or desk phones. Staff can be contacted on a single number and single device regardless of location.


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