Angie offers integrations for staff-alert technology

Angie introduces new features in next-gen guestroom assistant
The "plug-and-play" nature of the Angie device permits it to be a valuable tool when implementing staff alert technology. Photo credit: Angie Hospitality

Angie Hospitality now has the ability to offer flexible options for hotels looking to deploy staff-alert technology and other devices using Bluetooth low energy. Hotels and resorts with Angie deployed can now easily integrate their chosen staff-alert technology.
The risks that hotel employees face have become increasingly apparent in the last two years. In a survey of hospitality industry workers, 89 percent of respondents said they had experienced one or more incidences of sexual harassment at work, Angie Hospitality said. Due to an increased awareness and need, the landscape of hotel staff safety is rapidly changing. In September of 2018, many major hotel brands came together with the American Hotel & Lodging Association and pledged to provide safety devices to all guest-facing staff by 2020. Angie Hospitality reacted quickly to ensure that the necessary integrations were in place to make safety and privacy a priority for both staff and guests.
"This widespread push to better protect hotel staff is encouraging—it's rare to see the hospitality industry as a whole jump to support new technology," Angie Hospitality CEO Ted Helvey said in a statement. "We are pleased to have a solution in place that will allow hotels to easily implement this important safety standard."
Angie's Bluetooth low energy integration supports a variety of staff alert technology options that are already on the market. Using BLE is simple and effective, no matter the size of the property, because it provides considerably reduced power consumption and cost while maintaining an impressive communication range. The "plug-and-play" nature of the Angie device permits it to be a valuable tool when implementing staff alert technology. Its continuously monitored cloud-managed platform with secure, scalable and highly-available architecture self-configures for each property and room. Implementing such technology can protect hotels and their employees and guests from physical risk and legal liability implications.