Angie Hospitality’s virtual assistant now integrates with iRiS GXP

Angie introduces new features in next-gen guestroom assistant
The GXP integration provides voice-activated control of room amenities and the ability to request services or hotel information. Photo credit: Angie Hospitality

Angie Hospitality has partnered with iRiS to offer hoteliers the ability to integrate Angie’s virtual assistant technology with iRiS’ guest experience platform.

With both solutions recognized for their ability to personalize the guest experience and maximize convenience, Angie and iRiS will now have the ability to work together to provide guests with a direct channel of communication to a hotel’s various departments and services via integration with the hotel's property-management and point-of-sale platforms. 

By simply making a verbal request to Angie or by interacting with Angie's touchscreen, requests for amenities such as roomservice or making restaurant reservations can now be automatically and instantly directed to the appropriate personnel, reducing service response times and demands on labor resources while enhancing guest satisfaction and revenue potential.  

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“By integrating with the GXP platform, we are honored to work alongside iRiS in enhancing the industry’s ability to seamlessly implement solutions that meet today's heightened standards of service,” Angie Hospitality CEO Ted Helvey said in a statement.

Guests are also provided with a convenient means to locate and view all hotel services and promotions available to them. Such details can be readily accessed via Angie's voice or interactive touchscreen display. Offering greater control over how guests choose to interact with the guest room environment, Angie's voice and touchscreen functionality can also be used to control guest room amenities, such as televisions, lighting or thermostats.

In addition to the integration with GXP, which provides voice-activated control of room amenities and the ability to request services or hotel information, Angie also serves as a cost-effective all-in-one guest room device that functions as a telephone, alarm clock, night light and Bluetooth speaker, among other things. As a simple plug-n-play device, Angie also instantly upgrades the hotel's Wi-Fi network, offering fast and fully-encrypted internet connections. Guests can easily personalize the in-room network, so their devices connect as they do at home, and preferences can be remembered for future stays.