Augmented reality start-up aims for cleaner rooms

(Augmented reality start-up aims for cleaner rooms)

No hotel owner wants their name bad-mouthed on social media for bed begs, unchanged sheets, dirty toilets, or worse. Augmented reality start-up, AR-Check, hopes to alleviate the nightmares associated with dirty rooms.

AR-Check's patented technology combines AR with smart glasses to coordinate, monitor and support cleaning services. The result is better staff performance, better quality control, more standardization with a high degree of automation, and less customer complaints.

AR-Check is designed to give cleaning staff computer-based instructions (via the glasses) that includes which tasks should be completed, when, where and how. Staff will know in what order to clean a room, what tools and cleaning agents to use, and whether they are using enough pressure on the tools to achieve the desired results.This means less mistakes and down-time, better quality work and on-the-spot training.
The technology also allows customers to monitor staff performance real time based on location, day, time and rate of completion as well as work-specific criteria (i.e. contamination containment). Customers can also use monitoring data to identify patterns that uncover common problem areas or staffing needs, and to support more effective invoicing (detailed record of work completed).
AR-Check will feature:

  • Color codes: unclean areas appear red; completed areas appear green;
  • Communication via sensors: vacuum cleaner, mop and glove sensors will indicate the correct pressure to be applied while cleaning;
  • The ability to monitor and reorder supplies and materials as needed;
  • On-site quality control: the system recognizes if the correct tools are being used;
  • The ability for a cleaner to track his/her progress against colleagues; and
  • Extensive monitoring that creates efficiencies in bookkeeping while optimizing overall workflow.