New wireless eTray provides guestroom retail space


Bartech has unveiled a new wireless eTray, a flexible in-room product presentation solution that makes it possible for hoteliers to sell non-refrigerated items in the guestroom, without the need for existing minibars. Further boosting its ability to serve as a profit center, the  eTray comes equipped with all the necessary hardware to ensure that it operates independently, with no additional modules required.

In order to provide wireless operation, Bartech's new eTray uses a module that is integrated directly into the solution's electronics, streamlining the design and providing maximum efficiency. With many hotel properties expressing a need to offer in-room products without equipping guestrooms with traditional minibars, the enhanced eTray is specifically designed to address this market demand. In addition, it offers hotels much more flexibility in the type of items sold and where they can be placed in the guestroom environment.  

Like all Bartech solutions, the new wireless eTray is fully customizable, so that hoteliers can choose a solution that best fits their needs and available space, while blending seamlessly into the guestroom design. The eTray surround is available in virtually any size, colors and finish, including leather, and can be designed as either a single or multi-tiered tray to accommodate a wide variety of products.

Costing only one-quarter of the price of a full minibar, each wireless eTray model provides a greater incentive to offer retail products in a guestroom, while increasing the property's ability to sell them at lower prices, making them more appealing and affordable to guests, while still providing higher revenue for the hotel.