Beekeeper debuts shift schedule capability

Shift managers can upload the latest schedule to Beekeeper and trust that every staff member will know when and where their next shift will take place. Photo credit: Beekeeper

Beekeeper unveils a new mobile capability that enables every hotel employee to check the most up-to-date work schedules personalized to them and delivered straight to their pocket via Beekeeper.
Although there are many effective shift-scheduling apps on the market, not many are a core part of central workplace communication platforms such as the Beekeeper app. The Beekeeper team worked closely with hoteliers, talking to shift hotel managers, frontline staff and guests about the impact of great service coverage and internal communication. 
“With this mobile solution, shift managers can upload the latest schedule to Beekeeper and trust that every staff member will know when and where their next shift will take place,” Beekeeper VP of hospitality Connie Rheams said in a statement. “Employees can contact their managers if they wish to request a shift trade and hoteliers will cover every shift, thanks to clearer communication and a streamlined process.” 
“While customer engagement is critical to building loyalty and driving revenues, employee engagement is equally as important—especially given today’s labor shortage,” Rheams said. “The shift schedules from Beekeeper will increase employee productivity by covering every shift with a trusted and easily accessible plan. It saves time and effort by delivering shift schedules straight to frontline workers’ mobile devices—a platform where they can directly contact their managers and teams. More importantly, it reduces absenteeism, since workers always have the latest schedules at their fingertips, and it reduces use of noncompliant messaging services in the workplace by moving shift schedule communication to Beekeeper.”
With shift schedules, employees can:

  • Check their schedules on the go and view when they are working via calendar view or list view;
  • Receive notifications for both new shifts added and for changes to existing shifts;
  • See shift data like the shift title / code, color, date, start time and end time of their shift; and
  • See for how long they are working.

Operators can:

  • Centralize shift communication in one platform;
  • Work smarter by delegating shift management to frontline teams;
  • Build shift-schedule integrations with third-party tools on Beekeeper’s API; and
  • Increase activation on Beekeeper by uploading the latest shift schedule in Excel format and letting Beekeeper deliver personalized schedules into the hands of employees.

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