Behind RLHC's new guest management system

This article is part three of a three-part series on revenue management.

Late last year, Red Lion Hotels Corp. (RLHC) officially installed its new RLHC RevPak guest management system at all its hotels. RevPak incorporates CRS, CRO, PMS, CRM, content management, Web operations, Internet marketing services, field marketing and new business intelligence to improve revenue management at its hotels.

We brought all of these technologies and companies together like a virtual team to create best- in-class feature functionality,” said Bill Linehan, CMO of RLHC. “These components and vendors are winning too—it improves their feature set and allows them to get to the most relevant business requirements.”

RevPak is an integrated platform of custom applications designed to provide a single view of all RLHC customers. It applies customer’s requests, preferences and expectations throughout the hotel and allows multi-channel marketing based on customer behaviors.

The revenue management component has built-in custom configurations for dynamic pricing and dynamic inventory management. It uses other data that plug into CRM so that, when customers go to the RLHC website, they receive dynamic messaging customized for them, including rates, packages and even background images.

RLHC uses Micros Opera PMS, Windsurfer CRS, CustomerDirect call centers, Serenata’s CRM and Duetto’s automated revenue management. “In terms of cutting-edge solutions, RevPak allows RLHC to fully optimize revenue and manage distribution complexity,” said Patrick Bosworth, CEO of Duetto.

While RevPak technology is building customer satisfaction for RLHC, the company also is embracing OTAs as marketplaces. “OTAs have incredible depth of market and prowess, and when we can tap into that, we can have customer acquisition,” he said.