Best Western Plus Big America installs Sterling Sleep Systems' fully interchangeable mattresses

Best Western Plus Big America in Santa Maria, Calif., selected Sterling Sleep Systems to place its fully-interchangeable mattresses in all 106 guestrooms at the hotel. Sterling's mattresses offer a concept unique to the hospitality industry and are designed to allow for components to be fully removable and interchangeable. As a result, should any part become damaged or soiled, it can be easily removed and replaced, without the need to replace the entire bed.

"Sterling Sustainable Mattresses was selected by our owner to align with our commitment to creating a sustainable hotel," said General Manager Max Tucker. "Since we began using them, we have substantially reduced our overhead costs for bedding replacement which ultimately adds significant savings to our bottom line. Sterling mattresses are designed with hotel wear and tear in mind, and use components that are more durable for the way guests typically use their beds. Guests tend to sit on the edge of the mattress, leading them to become worn around the edges. By removing the metal wire that frames most beds and replacing it with foam, Sterling mattresses eliminate this issue. In the five years using the mattress, not one has needed replacement of the foam component.”

Sterling mattresses are designed to ensure a more sustainable approach to hotel mattress replacement, which is more cost effective for the hotel property and reduces the number of mattresses sent to recyclers or land fills. Old mattresses are not easily disposed of, since they are bulky, generally not reusable, and require a great deal of energy to recycle. According to the mattress industry, an estimated 700,000 mattresses are discarded each year in the United States, occupying as much as 60 cubic feet of landfill space for a typical two bed hotel room. It is estimated that over 30 million cubic feet of solid waste from hotel mattresses will be disposed of in landfills in 2015 alone.

Sterling mattresses offer hotels a responsible sustainable solution at prices that are competitive with similar quality disposable mattresses from the major suppliers. In addition, sustainable beds deliver twice the service life or more, cutting the true cost of bed ownership per room night in half. The key is to extend "end of life" by two or three times by replacing only the components like foam and cover systems that wear out far ahead of quality spring systems. 

There are other cost considerations also such as when a complete mattress needs to be replaced due to a soiled cover the shipping costs for a single mattress can cost 35% of the cost of the mattress itself. When you add sales tax, labor for in-room installation, old bed removal and disposal, along with room down time expense, the costs expand exponentially.  The labor it takes one housekeeper to replace an interchangeable mattress cover panel in the room in under an hour makes replacing individual components a simple cost-effective alternative to replacing complete bed systems.