The BodyHoliday luxury resort now features Crave in-room tablet

The BodyHoliday luxury resort in St. Lucia is set to be the first Caribbean property featuring in-room tablets from Crave Interactive, a UK-based provider of in-room tablets and app-based solutions for upscale hotels.
Crave’s tablets will be installed in 155 rooms at The BodyHoliday, including its luxurious penthouse suite. The resort, which sits on a 150-meter beach and is surrounded by 42 acres of tropical gardens, also features an award-winning spa, the Wellness Centre, which is one of the top spas in the Caribbean.
“Our guests spend almost all of their time within the resort, and we have a complete range of top-quality facilities and activities onsite, so being able to communicate directly with guests about everything that’s on offer via the in-room tablets will be brilliant,” said Vinod Biscette, a spokesman for The Body Holiday. “It will enhance the guest experience tremendously, which is always our first priority, and it will also have very clear commercial benefits.”
According to Crave, its exclusive in-room tablets are the first in the world to be designed specifically for use in hotel bedrooms, and come preloaded with Crave OS, Crave’s proprietary operating system, allowing for instant in-room food and beverage ordering, bookings, and guest communications, instantly updateable digital directories and menus, and limitless scope for additional sales and tailored in-room advertising.

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