Boston hotel adds Assa Abloy locks

The Four Seasons Hotel One Dalton Street, Boston opted to implement VingCard Essence by Assa Abloy Global Solutions due to the lock's modern style. Photo credit: Assa Abloy Global Solutions (Boston hotel adds Assa Abloy locks)

The Four Seasons Hotel One Dalton Street, Boston implemented custom-designed VingCard Essence door locks alongside VingCard Signature radio frequency ID locks from Assa Abloy Global Solutions. A newly opened and modern 61-story skyscraper that serves as both a hotel and residential building, the hotel sought both Assa Abloy Global Solutions and Assa Abloy Opening Solutions Americas to implement a customized state-of-the-art security access system that would match the building's exterior design and style.

Desiring to maintain its modern appearance and incorporate the building's triangular exterior design into interior spaces, the hotel opted to implement VingCard Essence due to the lock's minimalistic style. 

With all electronic components encased within the door itself and only a RFID/Bluetooth Low Energy reader visible to guests, VingCard Essence can circumvent the commercial and bulky appearance of traditional hospitality-based door locks. To fulfill the property's goal of implementing a triangular design within hallway environments, Assa Abloy Opening Solutions Americas leveraged its special application request program to develop a custom-tailored handle that mirrored the building's exterior appearance. This was accomplished with Assa Abloy design engineers working with the hotel's architects to render an initial design on a 3D printer. Once the appropriate design was successfully identified, the finalized handle was then fitted to all doorways to ensure a seamless, uniform look.

VingCard Essence comes equipped with the highest standard in security encryption protocols to protect against the risk of unauthorized access. VingCard Essence locks are also mobile access compatible, allowing hotel leadership to later provide guests with the ability to use personal devices as a secure guestroom key once brand or demographic demands change and without the need to replace existing hardware. Able to seamlessly integrate with the property's online system that controls guestroom thermostats, VingCard Essence further assists with energy management goals by indicating when a room has become occupied or vacant and allowing temperatures to be adjusted accordingly.

Additionally implemented were VingCard Signature RFID locks for parcel delivery rooms located within the building's residential areas. This ensures that authorized delivery personnel can securely drop off and store resident packages without having to enter individual apartment units.