Caesars Entertainment renovates Las Vegas marquees

A new marquee featuring 15HD technology on all sides modernizes Harrah’s Las Vegas. Photo credit: Daktronics (Caesars Entertainment renovates its Las Vegas marquees)

Caesars Entertainment has partnered with Daktronics and Vision Sign for new LED display installations at multiple Caesars Entertainment-owned properties in Las Vegas. The companies installed more than 21,000 square feet of LED video at four Caesars locations. The exterior signage renovations were completed in late 2018 and early 2019.
“Partnering with Vision Signs and Daktronics, Caesars Entertainment will create highly engaging marquee displays which will attract even more visitors to experience all that our Las Vegas resorts have to offer,” = Chris Holdren, EVP and CMO of Caesars Entertainment, said in a statement.

At Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, the companies installed a large marquee pylon display and an exterior building-mounted display in late 2018. The marquee display measures 76 feet high by 101 feet wide with a continuous curve around one side to create a double-sided feature. The other exterior display is mounted to the building’s façade with a barrel curvature. It measures 57 feet high by 34 feet wide. 

A four-sided marquee featuring 15HD technology on all four sides and measuring approximately 49 feet high by 65 feet wide dramatically modernizes the Harrah’s Las Vegas signage. At the top of the marquee, a Harrah's channel logo display comes alive with the help of Daktronics 35-millimeter freeform LED elements, which populate the approximately 6.5-foot-tall by 24-foot-wide display.
In addition, Harrah's Las Vegas north entrance features two wall-mounted screens. A 10-millimeter screen measuring approximately 7 feet high by 44 feet wide is positioned beneath a 15HD display measuring approximately 33 feet high by 44 feet wide. These displays welcome guests with dynamic marketing content.
The Caesars Palace flagship marquee also was revamped with the static and digital screens trading positions. The marquee now features two new sides of large 15HD video, each measuring 32 feet high by 44 feet wide.
Paris Las Vegas' new video displays consist of three sides, each measuring approximately 26 feet high by 37 feet wide. Daktronics 15HD video technology replaced the previous stationary flex faces inside the "basket" beneath the iconic Paris balloon monument marquee. The new displays are visible from all angles of the Las Vegas Strip to cars driving by and pedestrians walking on either side of the street.
The new displays allow each respective venue to show on-premises advertising and branding while also promoting upcoming shows, concerts, events, current tenants, restaurants and more. The control functionality allows for scheduled content and adjusting content at a moment’s notice.