The Chateaux Deer Valley selects Alice

Before Alice, Chateaux Deer Valley staff used walkie-talkies, spreadsheets and email to manage work and facilitate communication with one another while on property. Photo credit: Alice (Chateaux Deer Valley )

The Chateaux Deer Valley in Park City, Utah, has selected Alice to improve staff communication and enhance its guest services at its ski hotel nestled amid the Park City mountains. As part of Stein Collection, The Chateaux Deer Valley joins sister properties, Stein Eriksen Residences and The Residence at The Chateaux Deer Valley, on the Alice platform, allowing consistent staff operations and guest engagement at all three properties. 

Before Alice, The Chateaux Deer Valley staff used walkie-talkies, excel sheets, and email to manage staff work and facilitate staff communication with one another while on property. However, not every staff member had a company email address, which meant management would often print out notices and use shift clipboards to transfer information between employees.

“We were looking for a technology platform that would bring us out of this dinosaur age of using printed excel sheets,” Guest Services Manager Ryann Wynn said in a statement.

Before Alice, coordinating the guest’s ski service and providing up-to-date trail conditions was difficult to organize and dispatch correctly, especially if they did not have the clipboard at hand. Now with Alice, the staff can promptly implement every guest request, such as complimentary ski gear storage, private lessons, and bus shuttles.

"It is a lot easier to track the special services we provide guests with Alice, than [using] the passing clipboards,” Wynn said.  “Since multiple staff members can use the system at one time, one staff member is assisting a guest, while another person on the team can coordinate the different services we have to offer. It aligns our team better and provides less confusion.”