Cirq+ honored as best new hotel product, best of show at HX

Cirq+ founder and CEO Yani Deros [right] accepted the award at HX earlier this month in New York City. Photo credit: Cirq+ (Cirq+ honored as best new hotel product, best of show at HX)

Cirq+ took top honors as best new hotel product and best of show during the 2018 Editor’s Choice Awards at the Hotel Experience earlier this month in New York City. The judges were editors of the hospitality trade magazines. All HX exhibitors were invited to enter a new product that was introduced to the market since November 2017.

Cirq+ is a patented, cloud-based platform that transforms guestrooms into smart rooms. The state-of-the-art energy-management system, combined with a modular  in-room hub, bridges the gap between guest comfort and engagement while reducing property operating costs. 

The system consolidates numerous legacy in-room products into a unified solution, including energy-management systems, power outlets, charging, alarm clocks, Bluetooth speakers, thermostat controls and more. Guests can control their in-room settings from an app on their mobile device or from the Cirq+ in-room hub. Additionally, guests have the ability to migrate their personal preferences from Cirq+ enabled properties to maximize their experience, build loyalty and add value.

Cirq+ allows properties to stay current with evolving technology and the needs of guests without undergoing major disruption or investment. The system has been commercialized to evolve with the ever-shifting demands brought on by time, technology changes and tech-savvy guests for years to come.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by industry leaders and experts who understand how our Cirq+ platform can be a disruptive solution for hotels allowing them to instantly modernize their rooms and reduce energy consumption with a unified system,”  Cirq+ founder and CEO Yani Deros said in a statement.