Cloud-based PMS is all about mobility

This article is part one of a three-part series on cloud-based PMS. Look to next week’s technology newsletters for part two and three.

The cloud by itself is creating informational changes in the way people live in general, never mind on how people do business. With a cloud-based PMS, it can dramatically change the way hoteliers conduct operations, experts report. All of a hotel’s employees can be connected to the PMS, not just those who are at the front desk or the GM’s office.

“It changes the way your hotel operates,” said Boro Petrovic, Oracle Hospitality’s chief technology architect. “Your workforce is constantly connected. If you need to send housekeeping or maintenance to a room, you can do that from your smartphone somewhere else on the property.”

The communication to housekeeping or maintenance is instant and all done from the software. That means all users can be informed of the status of any request at any time, enabling operations to run smoother.

“Essentially, your staff becomes more productive because they don’t have to go to the front desk to get information,” said Larry Gorman, senior director, enterprise architecture and research for SkyTouch Technology. “No one is tethered to a desk and can be throughout the hotel serving the guest with the best possible customer service.”

The workforce can also be connected from any location, not only from the hotel, but also when someone like the GM is at home or traveling, making operating multiple properties much more efficient. “That GM can see a complete picture of what’s going on at the hotel even when they are not there — he can be engaged with the hotel,” Petrovic said.

Ferry Van Zalk, facility and revenue manager at the Best Western Hotel Stadskanaal in the Netherlands, is trialing Itesso’s cloud-based PMS. It allows him to be connected to the system even when he’s away traveling. “I can check in and be of help to the staff easily and at any time,” he said. “To move to the cloud was a decision I made with the owner to be prepared for the future with easy integration into other systems.”

In addition to having the workforce connected to the PMS, hotel guests can be connected to the system as well. This changes the way the guest engages with the hotel, Petrovic said. “This has a profound impact on how marketing operates, with more opportunities for upsells and better services,” he said. “It changes business as usual with personalized, just-in-time marketing.”