Con Questa installs Alice’s concierge technology

Con Questa installs Alice’s concierge technology
Con Questa sought a technology solution that would facilitate both short-term and long-term planning. Photo credit: Alice

Con Questa, Holland’s concierge and lifestyle service, has selected Alice’s concierge software to keep its growing team organized and aligned. Founded in 2006 by a pair of former Les Clefs d’Or concierges, Con Questa recently expanded from its original founding pair to a team of six.

While a technology mix of WhatsApp messages and a shared email inbox was sufficient to coordinate client itineraries and record client preferences for a two-person company, the founders soon realized they would need a more robust solution to support the growing team and client base. 

Because of the very specific nature of concierge work, Con Questa sought a technology solution that would facilitate both short-term and long-term planning, as well as support the creation of client profiles, where all client activity and preferences could be recorded and instantly accessible to any team member.

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Con Questa found its solution in Alice’s concierge technology, Alice Concierge. Alice Concierge is purpose-built for concierge work, with features like request tracking, reminders, a vendor database, itineraries and letter confirmation creation and guest/client messaging. 

Alice has made a big difference to how Con Questa manages its work and communicates as a team, said Silke van Mourik, one of the company’s lifestyle managers, in a statement. The first thing her team does when they start work in the morning is open Alice, which gives everyone full visibility to the day’s work and the status of pending requests. Not only is she able to see her own to-do list, but she can see what her colleagues are working on as well. This means when she is on vacation, or off-site scoping locations and services for clients, others on her team can help her support her clients in her absence. 

In addition to appreciating the shared nature of the Alice system, she also values particular functionality of the software like reminders, which allow her to easily manage client activities, like a week’s-long vacation, that require multiple phases of planning and a complex schedule of work.