New York resorts improve loyalty with email marketing

(Digital Alchemy)

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts’ Pocono Palace, Cove Haven and Paradise Stream have partnered with Digital Alchemy to build loyalty with recognition-based email marketing. The couples-only properties in the Poconos Mountains offer guests a place to reconnect with year-round activities and evening entertainment in a romantic environment.
“Our properties are all-inclusive with unlimited breakfast and dinner, free guest access to our bikes, driving ranges, tennis, hiking trails, water skiing and tubing and nightly entertainment,”  said Maura Roman, director of sales and marketing for Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts. “Since we have so much to offer, we work with Digital Alchemy to develop email marketing campaigns that yield a 10 to 1 return. Our campaign success is based on recognizing our guests and marketing to their preferences.” 
“Digital Alchemy’s email marketing is a huge part of our business,” she continued. “We partner with them to mine our Opera property management system (PMS) database for guest preferences for our campaigns.” 

Roman said she works with Digital Alchemy to segment and target campaign promotions for specific audience types, date ranges and past activities in Cove Haven Entertainment Resort’s guest history.

“Being a drive-to destination makes it possible to send real-time offers guests can respond to spontaneously,” Roman said. “We also use Digital Alchemy for pre-stay confirmations with special promotions that generate revenue.”
Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts’ email marketing campaigns take interested guests to a landing page and booking link so guests have two direct booking options.

“We help guests book directly with our properties,” Roman said. “Once OTA guests are in our database, we can segment down a campaign and select our OTA guests for an incentive to book directly with us. Digital Alchemy’s PMS interface handles this seamlessly.”