NYC Garment District hotel installs charging devices in guestrooms

Distrikt Hotel New York City (Distrikt Hotel New York City)

Nestled in the Manhattan garment district, the Distrikt Hotel New York City is now featuring the Kube clock from Kube Systems in each of its 155 guestrooms. The compact, Bluetooth-streaming, mobile device charging Kube with clock reflects the boutique hotel’s service, technology, decor, and four-star amenities. The Distrikt Hotel New York City is part of the Ascend Collection by Choice Hotels.

The Kube clock is compatible with all Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices and comes with or without Qi wireless charging. Each Kube clock can charge up to six mobile devices simultaneously and features an Apple Lightning, Apple 30-pin, and Micro-USB flip-out cable, two additional auto-sensing USB ports. Kube clocks are programmed via an Android based room programmer that offers a GUI touchscreen experience, making it easy for hotel staff to set-up each unit. Each Kube clock comes with replaceable modular cables to keep units from becoming obsolete, thereby protecting the owner’s investment when charging standards change.

“The Kube clock is versatile, and it enables us to meet our guests’ needs in a new way,” said Distrikt Hotel New York City GM Jennifer Austin. “Rather than spending a lot of money buying charging cables for guests to use because they forgot theirs at home or misplaced them along the way, the Kube clock’s built-in connectors give travelers everything they need to plug and play without having to contact the front desk. The wireless Qi charger is really convenient; it lets guests drop and charge their phones without any wires. That optional feature was especially attractive to us, and so was the unit’s small footprint. This little Kube is a big reflection of our commitment to providing amenities that ease stress and add convenience.
Available in black or white, with or without wireless charging Qi, the Kube clock gives guests peace of mind, allowing them to rest easy knowing they will never be without a charge. Kube Systems also manufactures a portable charging Kube that functions just as the Kube clock but without the time component or streaming audio capability. Called the Kube 5, this portable charging amenity is ideal for public spaces, such as the lobby, bar, restaurants and meeting spaces. Austin said she is considering adding the Kube 5 when the property’s restaurant and lounge is repurposed.